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Are you interested in promoting the Complete Event Planner Toolkit
and making $137 - $163.50** per sale?

** Technically, your commission per sale will be approximately $136.86; or, if the customer chooses the monthly payment plan and completes all six payments, your total commission will be approximately $163.50.

I make it easy for you; below you can download zip files of the product images and banner ads to faciliate your marketing process.  I also include a list of FAQs and a list of Testimonials, as well as three emails using language that my target market is looking for.  

If you require a specific size of banner ad or product image other than what I provide, please feel free to contact me and I'll create one for you!  

Your Hoplink 

Remember to use your Clickbank Hoplink in all of your promotions, or you won't get credit for the sale.  

Your hoplink is:  (be sure to replace "YOURID" with your Clickbank ID that you created when you signed up to become an affiliate).  

Affiliate Pack

Download these zip files to receive immediate access to product images, banner ads, and email copy/text blurbs.  

Thank you and I look forward to helping each other succeed!

~Sirena Evans

President & Publisher, Careers in Event Planning

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