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To Begin Your Career in Event Planning?

Discover the EXACT Steps You Need to Take

to Start Your Event Planning Career, 

Even If You Don't Have Any Experience

"How Do I Get Started?"

   • Do you dream of an exciting career that you love?

   • Do you want to be a part of the exciting world of events, but don't know where to start?

   • Are you overwhelmed at the options of online event planning courses available, and don't know    

     which one is the best?

   • Are you frustrated at the "catch-22" you keep running into; you need experience to get a job, but

     you can't get any  experience until you get a job?

   • Are you confused on whether to work for someone else, start your own business, or work as a

     contractor?  Or how much to charge for your services?

   • I can help guide you, and give you all of the information you need to finally break into the event  

     planning industry!

I've Been In Charge of Hiring Event Planners, and I Can Explain What You Need to Do to Succeed

My name is Stacy Smith, and I have been in the industry for nearly twenty years; working in nearly every aspect of event planning.  I have traveled all around the globe (to over 35 countries and 48 states) working large-scale meetings & events.  I've worked with celebrities and some of the most respected talent in the world; while planning incredible events that "wow" even the most seasoned pros.  I have been in charge of hiring entry-level planners and know exactly what you are most likely doing wrong on your resumes and cover letters, and can show you what you need to do to get your foot in the door.  

After years of being asked by people how they, too, could get started in such an exciting career, I realized there just aren't any legitimate resources out there.  And so I created a website to help people just like you figure out the steps you need to take to start your dream career.  The truth is, you CAN become an event planner, relatively quickly.  But the truth is also this: unless you follow some very specific steps that I will show you, you most likely will never become an event planner.  

That's not a scare tactic to sell you on something you don't need.  It's the truth; and I know what you need to do because I am approached by people every day of my career who are doing exactly the wrong things.  Things that you, too, are most likely doing wrong.  And unless you learn how to do it right, then you will never get the chance to pursue your dream.  

"What About Certification?"

One of the biggest lies in the market today is this lie of "certification."  There are plenty of sites out there that say things like, "Take our course and become a Certified Event Planner!"  or "Become a Certified Event Planner and start your own business today!"  

This, to be honest, makes my head explode.  Why?  Because there is no such thing as a certified event planner (for beginners).  These sites are only telling you this so that you will buy their course.  The only certifications in the industry that matter are the CMP and the CSEP, and you can't even apply to take these certifications until you have five years of experience and are currently employed as a planner.  Any other "certification" is just a scheme to buy your business.  

Not only do these "certifications" mean nothing in the real world of planning, but they teach you party planning and wedding planning.  My entire career has been built upon planning large fundraising special events and corporate meetings & events.  I personally don't believe it's possible to build a career on planning children's birthday parties; and yet that is what these courses teach you.  

If you envision a career planning large special events or corporate meetings, then any course that teaches you "PARTY" planning or wedding planning are a waste of your time and money.   

"What About Starting My Own Business?"

This is a common mistake that a lot of beginners make.  They think, "well, I can't find a job, so I'll just start my own planning business."  This is the single biggest mistake you can make.  I strongly suggest that you not open a business doing something you've never done before; but many people don't want to hear this, or they have their heart set on paving their own path.  In this case, you simply must learn every step of the process of what it takes to plan events.  There are many legalities that you haven't anticipated, many steps in the process that you're not even aware of.  But you can learn what you need to do, if you follow my step-by-step guide.  

Here's What Others Have Said

About the Complete Event Planner Toolkit:

"Thank you so much, your information has helped me to make some difficult decisions; including "going for it" and to go out and do what I love doing.  I started volunteering to get more experience, and used your suggestions to improve my resume.  I realized that, no, I do not want to be just a "party planner" but an event planner!  In June I landed a Public Relations and special event coordinating job, and I am happily planning away.  Thank you again for your realistic and sound advice that helped me move into the career that I have wanted for a very long time."  ~A.J.

"I just wanted to let you know how much your hard work and passion is appreciated by me.  I was just laid off but I am committed to seeing this as an opportunity to change careers.  I purchased your course and really enjoyed the Resume ebook, it really helped me see "what I was doing wrong" as you say.  Your passion to help others get into this field is clear in all that you do; thank you and I know it's only a matter of time before I land my first event planning job!" ~P.T.

This is the only PROVEN system

to help you start your career planning fundraisers,

special events, or corporate meetings & events.  

I know this system works because not only did it work for me, but the testimonials I listed above are just a small sampling of the letters and emails I get all the time from people who have followed the advice I lay out for them...and suddenly they land their first job or get their first client, and overnight they are on their way!  

I also know it works because it's what I looked for when I used to be in charge of hiring entry level planners for the business where I worked; and so I know what will get you noticed and what will cause your resume to be put in the trash.  You basically are learning advice from the very type of person who is going to hire you someday; is there anyone better to get advice from?    

And if you're not looking for a job but are hoping to start your own company, you simply must learn every element of planning.  Otherwise, your event will most likely fail, and you more than likely will get sued; and you could possibly be run out of the industry before you ever had a change to begin.  Are you willing to take that risk?

So I took everything that I know and condensed it down to a "step-by-step" guide; showing you every single step you must take to plan incredible events.

Introducing...the Complete Event Planner Toolkit

The Complete Event Planner Toolkit includes:

  • Fourteen modules (videos), each approximately 1-1.5 hours in length (for a total of about sixteen hours of instructional video time).  A detailed list of the video topics is included below.  
  • Dozens of downloadable documents (either in Word, Excel, or PDF form) to supplement your learning; which you can save and use in your future career.  Some of the many documents I provide for you in
  • clude: nearly a dozen sample event planning contracts, several budgeting grids, sample bids, RFPs, and proposals, sample A&D manifests, 
  • My eBook, Become an Event Planner, which outlines the preliminary steps, including how (and why) to choose a niche
  • My eBook, Event Planning Resumes and Beyond, which gives you sample resumes and cover letters by successful event planners.  It also explains, step by step, exactly how to turn each sentence of your resume into a more profound, strong statement that shows your potential employer that you understand the language of event planning and that you know how to plan events.  This eBook alone can single-handedly improve your chances of getting an interview!
  • My own Event Planning Checklist, which outlines nearly everything you could ever possibly need for most events; in a general timeline that counts down closer to your event.  
  • Glossary of Terms:  the event planning industry truly does have its own language, and knowing this language is half the battle!
  • Certificate of Completion: while I admittedly do not believe in "certifying" beginners to be event planners, I do realize that you want something to prove that you've taken the course and understand what you've learned.  Therefore, I've created a final test, and upon passing the test you will receive a Certificate of Completion in the mail (US and Canada only; anyone outside the US will get a scanned copy emailed to you for printing). 

The Complete Event Planner Toolkit will show you everything

you need to know, regardless of whether you

want to work for yourself, for someone else, or

as an independent contractor. 

Topics covered in over fourteen hours of video

modules include:

     How to Find Work ~ You can't really start as an event planner until you understand the many different roles and positions that you may fill in the event planning industry.  This module will open your mind toward the endless different "hidden" places you might find work in events.

  Pricing Your Services; How Much Are You Worth?  ~  Whether you plan on starting out as an employee, a contractor, or opening your own business, you must understand how event planners charge for their services.  I cover the six main ways in which planners charge, and the pros and cons of each. I also talk about industry standards and the elements that will affect how much you can charge, so you can have a realistic idea of how to charge your clients.

  Professional Preparedness ~ In this module, I talk about all of the things you need to do to exude professionalism from the very first contact with potential employers or clients.  From your cover letter and resume through to your daily life on the job, I show what you must do to stand out and, most importantly, I answer the question, "What am I doing wrong?"

  Planner Predicaments ~ In this module I talk about the most common mistakes planners make.  I also talk about troubleshooting when things go wrong; including real-life examples of my own nightmare events!  

  The First Steps ~ The most difficult part; beginning! The first steps to take in planning your event. How to create RFPs.  How to do a site inspection. How to create a budget. Overview of the basic elements that you need to know for every event.

  Contracts ~ Contracts are a major part of becoming an event planner.  I talk about the basic elements that should be included in contracts, and the different types of contracts you might need.  I also include numerous sample contracts for you to download and keep.  

  Registration ~ The various definitions of "registration" as they apply to event planning.  Why you need to create a registration process. Different processes for different events. Suggested registration software.

  Hotels and Venues ~ When you need a hotel, when you need a venue. What to look for in a venue.   Suggested types of venues for different types of events. What to look for in a hotel. How to negotiate contracts with hotels. How to work with hotels, both for guest rooms and for event space.   I cover tons of hotel and venue-related terminology in this module!  

  Managing Meetings and/or Event Space ~ How to work within limited space. Understanding "flow," why it's important, and examples of good and bad flow.  Sample diagrams of events where the set-up was not conducive to good flow, and how I changed it to make it better.  Types of room or event set-up options. Managing materials. Understanding audio visual basics. 

  Food & Beverage ~ The importance of F&B and types of F&B events. Set-up options and flow. Picking menus. Working around special dietary needs. Evening functions; integrating decor and entertainment with F&B. F&B's function at corporate meetings & events, galas, benefit concerts, and other large-scale events.

  Decor ~ The most visual, and perhaps FUN, part of event planning!  This entire module is made up of visual examples and photos explaining different elements of decor.  I talk about how you can use tables, centerpieces, furniture, and light to add to your decor.  I also list out resources for inspiration and reference.

  Working with Vendors, Entertainment, and VIPs~ Vendor contracts, how to schedule and organize your vendors. How to find the right talent for your event; working with celebrities and the importance of riders. How to work with VIPs and why they are important to you.

  Transportation~ This is the shortest module, as it might not apply to all events.  However, many times you will be responsible for "moving" groups of people, and it's imperative that you understand how!  And if you ever hope to work for an event planning company or start your own company, this is imperative information to understand.  

  Logistics of Being a Planner ~ Hiring and managing on-site staff, and managing volunteers.  How to balance work and life as a planner.  

....and much, much more!  

You are ONE CLICK away from starting your dream, today!  

So what does it cost to learn from someone who has been in the industry for nearly twenty years; who has hired many entry level planners and knows EXACTLY what it takes to succeed in this competitive business?  What does it cost for nearly sixteen hours of instructional video, two eBooks, an Event Planning Checklist, and dozens of downloadable documents that you can use to start your business?  

Every other online course out there teaches you party planning and wedding planning.  If that's not what you want to do, why would you waste your time and money on them?

Most other courses out there charge around $1800 .... to teach you how to blow up balloons and fill out party invitations.  

I, on the other hand, will teach you real-world, applicable information that you can start using today and will practically guarantee you a start to your career....

  all for only $297

(monthly payment plan is available for $60 per month

for six months; keep reading below for details)

That's right.  Not $1800, like the "other" courses
out there... 
but only $297!!!  

** For the cost of a couple of outfits or a few nights on the town,

you can gain the knowledge you need to begin a new career that you will love and enjoy

for the rest of your life. **

Start Your Event Planning Career TODAY!

Get the Complete Event Planner Toolkit now for only

$297 or $60 per month for six months

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 The entire coure is hosted online.  Documents are in PDF format 

(please click here to download the free PDF reader)


"How is this so affordable?"

I wanted to keep the price affordable because I realize how difficult it is to change careers, or start your first career right out of school.  Therefore, I chose not to create fancy materials and chose instead to keep costs lower by hosting the entire course online.  This also means that you can take the course on your own time, at your own pace. 

"How do I take the course?"

As I mentioned, the entire course is hosted online; so you can start immediately and take the course at your own pace, on your own time.  All you need is a high-speed internet connection (you can view the videos from Mac, PC, or iPad).  All documents are available in PDF format (you can download a free Adobe PDF reader here).  Please note that if you use an iPad, you will have to have an app to download your PDF documents.  

  • As soon as you pay for the course, you will gain immediate access to the "members only" section of this website. 
  • Once there, you can start viewing the online video presentations immediately.  The course is broken into "modules" or video segments. 
  • You will also have the opportunity to download PDF documents which will supplement the learning process.
  • You can watch the videos for as many times as you'd like for up to one year; if you need more time past that, you can simply email me and I'll extend your membership.  

"How do I use the payment plan?"

If you pay the full $297 up-front, then you save $60 and you have access to the entire course immediately.  

If, however, you'd like to use the payment plan, then you will set up an automatic recurring payment plan through PayPal.  Your first payment of $60 will go through immediately; and you will have access to the Become an Event Planner eBook and the first two videos.  Then, exactly thirty days after you sign up, you will be billed $60 again; and you will receive access to the next two videos.  The following month, you'll be charged $60, and will receive access to the next two videos...and so on.  You will be charged $60 for six months, for a total of $360.  If at any time you want to pay off your balance you can; and you will receive immediate acess to the rest of the course.  However, I am unable to manipulate payment dates or "push through" a payment whenever you are ready; you will have to stick to the monthly schedule.  

Still Not Sure?  

You're Protected with My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to know that this is the right decision; and I'm so confident that I offer a full 100% money-back guarantee for sixty days.  If you decide this course is not for you, then you will get your full money back, no questions asked.  


When Are You Going to Stop DREAMING and Start DOING?

Trust me, I understand.  I know how scary it is to stop talking about something and finally start doing it.  Everything in life has its risks, and starting a new career is no exception.  But there is one thing for sure; if you don't do something about pursuing your dream, then in six months or a year from now, you're still going to be exactly where you are.  You're still going to be wondering what it would be like to wake up every day, excited about your job and your career.  So you can either step out and see what happens; or you can stay where you are, for the rest of your life.  It's that simple.  

When are YOU going to CHOOSE your future?

Get the Complete Event Planner Toolkit now for only

$297 or $60 per month for six months

(you can choose your plan after you click below)

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I Can't Wait to Share YOUR Success Story! 

I look forward to receiving your success story via email soon; and more importantly, I can't wait to see you at one of YOUR events! 


P.S.  I will not keep this special price up for very long...once it's gone, it's gone!  

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